Learn with ESA Homeschooling Platform

Project Overview

Essential Skills Advantage is a company that provides extensive K-6 curriculum for parents and home schools.

We built their entire learning portal which includes full progress tracking, report card generation and over 13,000 learning activities.


Learning Games

Progress Tracking & Reporting


We built the entire platform and interactive website. View at https://learnwithesa.com.

Fully Automated Cart & Membership Management System

Essential Skills Advantage is distrubuted through an online membership program for a monthly fee.

We built their fully automated shopping cart and membership management systems. This allows members to purchase subscriptions and add students themselves instantly.

Social Media & Marketing

EVC handles Essential Skills Advantage's social media management & marketing which continues to be a huge success.

In a single year, they gained over 50,000 facebook followers, and over 50,000 members.


Essential Skills Advantage has been a huge success. With continued growth, they are now 100,000 students strong!