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Colleges and univeristies that use the Drupal CMS platform are able to access all application modules and take advantage of an easy-to-use platform, customized for their higher education audience. 

Our objective is simple

We want to get you up and running on the leading open source CMS quickly and easily, with minimum disruption to your current team.

Our new Drupal 7 HigherEd configuration offers schools a real opportunity to get the latest Drupal release along with a group of modules selected to support typical HigherEd web operations. Along with that we provide a custom, easy-to-use interface has been tailored to the higher education market. Our HigherEd CMS Drupal 7 configuration was developed out of a perceived demand that many institutions want to deploy an open source CMS solution and save money, while others simply want a fast track to the latest Drupal release. As a result we built our first HigherEd CMS configuration on Drupal 6 about three years ago. Our latest Drupal 7 release is extensively tested and we have a number of clients deploying the system (which is only just being released). Our HigherEd CMS includes Drupal Core (version 7.x), along with many community-contributed modules (see table below), and several extensions to Drupal created by the EVC Group .

The primary benefit for colleges and universities is the ability to access the leading open source web content platform, and all of the application modules, through a content management interface that provides maximum usability to end users. Additionally, we have a developed a standard Drupal configuration for HigherEd and thoroughly tested all of the core and module components – ensuring a fast and reliable implementation of an open source product.

What this means for schools is that you can quickly install the latest Drupal 7 CMS – without having to select, integrate and test hundreds of modules. And we have optimized the configuration for HigherEd installations – after numerous input sessions with many existing Drupal users. Our objective is simple – to get you up and running on the leading open source CMS quickly and easily, with the minimum disruption to your current team.

EVC Consulting developers start with a base configuration and then begin creating a new theme based on the user-interface designs given to them by our creative team. Custom functionality is then added to the site by extending Drupal through its module API. EVC Consulting does not change anything in the core of Drupal, ensuring that you are able to support everything. All custom works are completed as extensions, which allows you the freedom to upgrade the Drupal system to new minor releases that typically address security flaws.



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At EVC Consulting we specialize in Higher Education, Government and Public Sector solutions. Our team is comprised of talented strategists, designers, copywriters, and web developers.


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